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Americans today thrive on technology. We spend more than 11 hours a day on electronic media, we get most of our information from Facebook and Twitter, and 80% of us spend 4-10 hours a day streaming videos. Our digital culture impacts how we receive and retain information; in particular it’s had the negative impact of reducing our attention span.

To reach today’s jurors, you have to present evidence in a memorable way that matches how they already process information. Technology is now standard in most trial presentations, and jurors expect a certain degree of technical savvy in case presentation. For the last 16 years, Precise has been helping law firms of all sizes create dynamic presentations with the best trial technology in Philadelphia.

The Precise Difference

Video is one of the most powerful mediums for visualizing information. Our video services include:

  • Settlement videos are a digital narrative of your case with visuals and voice-overs.
  • Day-in-the-life videos to demonstrate how a client’s injuries have impacted their daily routine and show why damages are being sought.
  • Interactive depositions that combine documents, trial graphics and video to create a cohesive and effective presentation. Deponents engage with exhibits via an LCD telestrator, while picture-in-picture formatting shows the jury both the deponent and the exhibit with which they are interacting.
  • Video synchronization of video depositions that allow for “on-the-fly” editing, clip creation, and coherent courtroom playback.

We also offer 3D animations that will bring your evidence to life, immersing jurors in the case matter and leaving them with a high level of understanding. Animations place jurors at the scene of an accident or show them what is happening inside a mechanism, structure, or a person’s body. For medical malpractice suits, we can recreate a surgery or procedure to show what went wrong. Our digital experts can also use animation to demonstrate how injuries were sustained in an accident.

Call Precise for Philadelphia’s Best Trial Technology

Precise’s trial services level the playing field, no matter the size of your case or law firm. Just listen to what our clients are saying:

  • “Precise’s technology support is essentially instantaneous and absolutely dependable. I will not go into a courtroom without Precise.”
  • “Syncing video depositions is an exact science. The experts at Precise have repeatedly proven their value.”
  • “Exhibits developed by Precise have added value to every case I have ever tried.”

If your case can benefit from the best trial technology in Philadelphia, contact Precise today.