PHILADELPHIA, PA – February 23, 2017: Precise, Inc., a trusted provider of litigation technology services, today announced the rapid success of its new jury research process, Predict, released in April. Predict applies statistical analysis in a  litigation setting to predict results, offering a more scientific, efficient and less expensive alternative to traditional mock juries and focus groups for litigators concerned with measuring the human reaction to the facts and arguments of their case.

“We’re excited about how quickly Predict is taking hold among our clients,” said Paul L. Null, II, EVP & senior trial consultant at Precise. “Already it’s proving to be an invaluable tool for trial attorneys by providing them with a quality and quantity of data that’s often impossible to produce through traditional means of jury research.”

“I just used the Predict tool for the first time and was blown away with the product quality,” said David L. Kwass of Saltz Mongeluzzi Barrett & Bendesky in Philadelphia. “I got ten times the number of participants of traditional focus group providers, with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand analysis.”

At the core of each Predict project is a scientifically backed process that leverages the accuracy of statistical analysis of known demographic groups to provide reliable predictions of how any population will respond to a particular set of facts. In Predict, Precise has taken the same proven methodologies that other industries have used for decades and applied them to the legal field.

“A major corporation today wouldn’t launch a new product without going through this analysis and they’re often betting millions of dollars on the accuracy of the data,” said Oscar McKnight, Ph.D., an expert in statistical analysis and scientific jury selection. “Applying this scientific approach to litigation just makes sense. I was always surprised it hadn’t been more widely adopted by the legal field.”

Unlike focus groups and mock trials which are descriptive of their particular groups, Predict is a streamlined, demographically valid, and iterative process that allows an attorney to re-shape, refocus and refine their case strategy to determine a potential jury’s verdict. “Predict showed me case weaknesses I hadn’t seen, and alerted me to potential jurors that I needed to de-select,” Kwass explained.

As a growing number of trial attorneys adopt Predict, Precise forecasts the tool will become an integral part of litigation.

“I will never go into trial again without Predict,” Kwass said.

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