Predict is a statistical analysis process that allows attorneys to test key issues throughout litigation and employ a predictive model to help measure probable jury outcomes.

PITTSBURGH, PA – April 7, 2016: Precise, Inc., a trusted provider of litigation technology services, today announced the release of Predict, a jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation to predict results. Predict measures and evaluates key facts, issues, client likeability, demonstrative evidence, and attorney presentations such as openings or closings in order to forecast their effect on the outcome of a case. The launch of Predict will offer a more scientific, efficient and less expensive alternative to traditional mock juries and focus groups for litigators concerned with measuring the human reaction to the facts and arguments of their case.

At the core of each Predict project is a scientifically-backed process that leverages the accuracy of statistical analysis of known demographic groups to provide reliable predictions of how any population will respond to a particular set of facts. Partnering with Oscar McKnight, Ph.D., an expert in statistical analysis and scientific jury selection, Precise has taken proven methodologies used in other industries and applied them to the legal field. “The science of statistics has been around for a long time and has been accurately predicting elections, population sentiment and consumer reactions since the early 1920s,” said McKnight. “A major corporation today wouldn’t launch a new product without going through this analysis and they’re often betting millions of dollars on the accuracy of this data. Applying this scientific approach to litigation just makes sense. I was always surprised it hadn’t been more widely adopted by the legal field.”

Trial attorneys often find it valuable to incorporate mock juries and focus groups into case development; however, these sessions aren’t practical for every situation. Unlike focus groups and mock trials which are descriptive of their particular groups, Predict is a streamlined, demographically valid, and iterative process that allows an attorney to re-shape, refocus and refine their case strategy to determine a potential jury’s opinion. “It is equivalent to having the results of 20 jury verdicts,” explains Sean Dennin, CEO of Precise. “It’s the application of the science and psychology of statistics to demographic personality profiles to predict results. It’s a fascinating and exciting process at the forefront of litigation technology. Incorporating Predict into Precise’s suite of solutions reinforces our mission to level the playing field by infusing cutting-edge technology and science to the litigation process to help our clients prevail in the courtroom.”

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