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Screenshot from a day-in-the-life video

The rise of Youtube in the 11 years since its founding has transformed the internet – and the way we process information. With over 4 billion videos viewed daily on YouTube alone – and even more via streaming services such as Netflix, news sites, and even short video platforms such as Vine – it’s clear we use video more and more often to convey information quickly and memorably. Your jury pool will be selected from among the 80 percent of American internet users who spend 4-10 hours on video streaming sites every day. Why not harness that trend by using video to appeal to your potential jurors?

Videos are the perfect medium to convey abstract information or explain complex medical procedures. For example, how do you adequately describe the profound effect of a car accident in words? Your jurors could see that effect directly with video of a victim’s daily struggles to recover. While complex verbal testimony may cause a juror’s attention to wander, the visual impact of an interactive deposition can help convey that information in a way that is arresting and memorable.

From day-in-the-life videos to interactive depositions, our Philadelphia legal video services have what you’re looking for:

  • Settlement Videos – Create a digital narrative of your case with visuals and voice-overs, which form a powerful and informative presentation. These are useful for sending to opposing counsel and insurance companies.
  • Day-in-the-Life Videos – This is a highly effective way to demonstrate how a client’s injuries impact their daily routine and explain the damages being sought in the case.
  • Video Synchronization and Clip Creation – We can provide you with video depositions that are synchronized to written transcripts. This allows for “on-the-fly” editing, clip creation, and seamless courtroom playback.
  • Interactive Depositions – Ideal for complicated cases, interactive depositions allow documents, trial graphics and video to work together, creating a cohesive and powerful courtroom presentation. Deponents use an LCD telestrator (touchscreen monitor) to interact with exhibits. Picture-in-picture formatting simultaneously shows the deponent and the exhibit with which they are interacting. The result is a dynamic, interactive video deposition that will hold your jurors’ attention far better than the deponent’s verbal testimony.

Quality Legal Video Services in Philadelphia from Precise

Since 2000, our goal has been to supply law firms with the highest-quality trial presentation services in Philadelphia. We don’t believe that technology should ever be cost-prohibitive: if it can benefit your case, it should be a viable option. You can explore examples of our video services, animations, and graphics. Whatever your case may require, our digital experts can create the demonstratives you need.

Entrust your next video project to the best trial presentation company in Philadelphia. Contact Precise today and put our expertise to work for you.