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Medical malpractice suits are often difficult to litigate; the complex medical procedures and deleterious effects on a client can be hard to convey clearly to a jury. Some losses, such as medical expenses and lost wages, are easily supported by documents, such as payroll stubs and medical bills. It is difficult, however, to show the losses for which there is no set valuation, such as a permanently impaired body or a diminished ability to enjoy life. Helping the jury understand the details of the case are critical to having them award the appropriate compensation to your client.

Precise’s suite of trial support services in Pittsburgh can help clarify the narrative of your case. Our trial support department is one of the largest in the country. From trial consultants to certified videographers and illustrators, Precise has the expertise you need at a price you can afford.

Medical Illustrations and Graphics

When it comes to the presentation of evidence, jurors have come to expect a lot of technical sophistication. From the prevalence of digital media to shows such as CSI, jurors expect to be shown clearly and vividly the details of a case.

In reality, however, medical malpractice litigation involves medical terminology and processes that can be hard to explain. Illustrations, graphics and animations are a highly effective way to cut through medical jargon and show the jury exactly what went wrong. No matter how intricate your case, our expert graphic artists create forensic animations and certified medical illustrations that deliver compelling, highly effective courtroom presentations. You can view samples of our work here.

Day-in-the-Life Videos

When trying to convey the day-to-day challenges your client now faces as a result of malpractice, video can be a powerful tool. Day-in-the-life videos effectively demonstrate how your client’s injuries affect their mobility, daily routine, and quality of life. Our staff offers professional video production services to provide critical visual components for your case. Video is a great tool for getting the jury to empathize with your client’s injuries. Samples of our video work can be found here.

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Since 2000, Precise has been offering comprehensive trial support services in Pittsburgh, helping law firms prepare for litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. We specialize in trial support, with decades of experience and a team of experts who can provide all the technical resources and consultative support you need.

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