Paul Null, the president of Precise Advisory, LLC, was invited to be the guest speaker at the January 2018 meeting of the members of the Delaware County Trial Lawyers Association (DCTLA).

Paul spoke about the changing world of legal analytics and new ways to understand the role big data and digital footprints play in litigation.  Paul’s expertise in this area stems from his extensive time collaborating with attorneys as a trial consultant and through his work with Predict™, a cost- and time-efficient alternative to mock trials that uses a statistical analysis approach to measure any facet of a case, extract the critical concepts, and identify how juror demographics may affect the case value.

“There is an emerging trend in litigation revolving around analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine-learning algorithms,” said Null. “I welcome the opportunity to share my insight and experiences with those attorneys looking to gain an edge in their practice.”

DCTLA is a non-profit organization comprising civil trial attorneys based in Media, PA.