The power of statistics changed the game of baseball when Billy Beane, Paul DePodesta, and the Oakland A’s organization employed the use of statistical analysis and sabermetrics to gain a competitive advantage in managing their roster. As depicted in the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis, Beane and his team turned the baseball world on its ear by transforming the A’s into a data-driven organization that allowed this small-market team to go cleat-to-cleat with the biggest spenders in the game, resulting in a season where they tied the Yankees for the most wins in Major League Baseball (as well as set an AL modern-day record for longest winning streak).

Predict, our popular mock-trial alternative, helps attorneys gain a competitive edge in their cases by using statistical analysis and predictive analytics to devise data-driven communication strategies and identify how juror demographics may affect their case. This case study highlights how one attorney used Predict’s analysis to modify his trial strategy to defuse a potential “landmine” as well as guide him to selecting jurors with higher education, the demographic trend that had the biggest impact on the plaintiff’s award in this wrongful termination case. Review this study to see how Predict assisted Attorney Thomas Anderson in hitting his case out of the park!

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