mock jury servicesFor decades attorneys have been using mock jury services to prepare for trials. While trial technology has transformed drastically since the 80’s, jury research remains largely unchanged. Isn’t it time for jury research to come into the 21st century?

With the launch of Predict, Precise has revolutionized traditional mock jury services. Predict solves some of the problems inherent in mock juries and even improves on the benefits of mock jury services.

Drawbacks of Traditional Mock Jury Services

Cost: The average mock jury costs between $10k and $60k. While those numbers may be feasible for a 7-figure case, the cost can hardly be justified for smaller cases. Additionally, not all law firms have budgets large enough to include such costly research. Not to mention the time commitment mock juries require! Predict is a cost-effective jury research solution, making these valuable insights available to all size law firms and cases. And by saving money on jury research, you have more budget available to invest in demonstratives that can have a large impact on the outcome of your case.

Mock juror selection: The people you choose for your mock jury will need to be available during regular business hours and be willing to accept a modest payment for their participation. It is doubtful this sample pool will match the actual jury pool you end up with at trial. If there is a significant difference in the demographics of your mock jury and the real jury, the results of your research may be useless. Predict’s process distributes your survey to statistically valid populations, more accurately reflecting your potential jury pool and giving you confidence in the results.

Mock Jury Services Advantages Made Even Stronger with Predict

  • Refine your case narrative and strategy – Predict measures and evaluates key facts and issues, client likeability, and attorney presentations to forecast their effect on the outcome of a case. With potential juror feedback, you can determine what strategies work or don’t work, what needs further explanation, and even what testimonies help or harm your case.
  • Learn what themes or evidence require further explanation – Predict shows where graphics, animations, and technology can help bring clarity to your case. Then Precise’s internal team of experts can craft demonstratives to support your presentation.
  • Determine the value of your case – With reliable feedback on the possible valuation of your case, you can determine whether or not a settlement is worthwhile.

Predict: Redefining Mock Jury Services

With Predict, you get the power of statistical analysis to measure probable jury outcomes. You can download a sample report or, for immediate questions about Predict, you can contact Paul Null at 866-277-3247, ext. 105.