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We like to hear stories of people being awarded large settlements in medical malpractice cases. Watch afternoon TV and you will be inundated by commercials featuring lawyers promising to get you “the money you deserve” for your pain and suffering. These commercials paint your case as being a done deal: simply go to court, tell the jury what the doctor or hospital did wrong, and collect your money. Unfortunately, the outcome of medical malpractices cases is rarely in favor of the plaintiff.

Why is this the case?

For one, the insurance industry has conducted a major misinformation campaign to convince the public there is a crisis of “frivolous lawsuits,” and their campaign has largely paid off. Studies conducted on prospective jurors nationwide found that, when called to serve in a medical malpractice case, 85% of them believe that the doctor or the hospital is the victim, not the patient. The burden of proof has been shifted to the plaintiff, with the plaintiff presumed a money-hungry scam artist until proven otherwise. Jurors also don’t like to believe that doctors – whose oath is to “first do no harm” – make mistakes and cause pain and suffering in their patients. Jurors prefer to believe that the health system they rely on is infallible.

Secondly, to win your case, you must prove the doctor’s negligence, which means relying on expert testimony and exhibits. Medical evidence is often complex and difficult to explain clearly to jurors who have no medical knowledge. Being able to turn medical jargon into clear, concise evidence is crucial to getting the jury on your side.

Precise’s fleet of trial presentation services in Philadelphia can help you overcome these obstacles. Our team of expert Philadelphia medical illustrators can help bring clarity to x-rays, CAT scans, and other medical imaging with certified medical illustrations. By highlighting the areas critical to your case, they can turn a confusing medical image into a highly effective demonstrative.

We also offer compelling Day-in-the-life videos that show how your client’s everyday life has been impacted. This helps support your valuation of the case as well as demonstrating the long term effects of your client’s condition.

Expert testimony is a critical part of your case, but it often can be dry and/or hard to follow. Our interactive depositions allow deponents to interact with exhibits via telestrator, making the testimony both more interesting and easier to follow.

Precise: Trial Presentation Services in Philadelphia

Overcoming jury biases can be an uphill battle, but it isn’t one you have to fight alone. Since 2001, Precise has been helping lawyers beat the odds without breaking the bank. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to learn more about our Philadelphia trial presentation services.