Medical legal art
Medical legal art is more than just a drawing: it is a detailed, accurate representation of an injury, medical condition or medical procedure. Effective medical legal art clearly communicates your client’s message while accurately portraying all biomedical content. Textbook graphics and medical imaging are often insufficient in helping jurors understand the complex details of the case. This is because textbook drawings were never intended for laypersons with no background in anatomy, and medical images require specific training to interpret. With the aid of a trained medical illustrator, you can present the jury with powerful, effective demonstratives that bring clarity to your case.

What is a Medical Illustrator?

Medical illustrators are professional artists with extensive training in medicine, science, media technology, and communication. Their scientific and medical expertise allows them to take complex data and present it in a visual manner that is accurate, easy to grasp, engaging, and memorable.

What is it Like Working with a Medical Illustrator?

Developing trial graphics is a team effort between the attorney, the illustrator, and a physician expert witness. The attorney provides all pertinent case history and narrative to the illustrator, then explains what they wish to demonstrate with the medical legal art and how it will be incorporated into their presentation.

Next the medical illustrator reviews the depositions, medical records, and any medical imaging (such as x-rays, MRIs, or CT scans). With this information, the illustrators propose a list of exhibits that best explain and display the injury. The attorney and physician approve or request changes to the proposal as necessary.

Once the medical legal art exhibits have been decided on, the illustrator makes pencil sketches for physician review. Once their medical accuracy has been authenticated, the full-color illustrations are produced. Good medical legal art is the product of healthy dialogue between the illustrator, the attorney, and the physician. Each is an expert in the field, and thus have different opinions on how the illustration should look and what it should accomplish. The physician looks for medical accuracy, the attorney looks for juror comprehension, and the illustrator finds a healthy balance of both.

Precise: Offering Affordable Expert Medical Legal Art

For over 17 years, Precise has been helping attorneys craft powerful litigation graphics that bring clarity to their cases and boost juror confidence in the veracity of their clients’ claims. We can help you avoid common pitfalls to ensure your medical legal art accomplishes everything you need it to. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to learn more about our medical illustrations.