Precise CEO Sean Dennin took to the airwaves on Tuesday, May 31 as a guest on The Pain and Wellness Hour with Sonny Banks.

Alongside guest Priscilla Jimenez, Esq. of Kline & Specter PC, the conversation touched on ways jury trials and the technology used throughout the litigation process have changed over the past two years, details about Priscilla’s work on mass tort cases, and Sean’s insight on modern litigation support techniques with animation, depositions, and forensics. They also shared stories from the field. Click the button to listen to the podcast.

The Pain and Wellness Hour with Sonny Banks 05-31-22

Show Highlights

00:34 – General Introductions

06:17 – Introduction of Priscilla Jimenez, Esq.

08:20 – Discussion about mass tort cases and how they work.

17:35 – Intro to Sean Dennin and Precise, Inc.

21:22 – Current company culture; work/life balance

26:19 – Trial presentation techniques

27:45 – How litigation has been impacted and changed through COVID