Litigation support services
Trial preparation often feels like learning to spin plates: you have multiple projects in the air that all have to maintain momentum and direction. Lose focus, and those plates come crashing to the ground. With litigation support services from Precise, you gain an experienced team who can help you keep all your plates spinning, avoiding a crisis and delivering you to trial fully prepared.

Pre-trial Litigation Support Services from Precise

We know that what you do before trial is just as important – if not more so – as what you do in the courtroom. Jury research and thorough eDiscovery help inform the development of your case theory and presentation, heading off potential surprises in the courtroom. Demonstratives – such as animations and medical illustrations – can also give you confidence that you will be able to communicate your key issues clearly, persuasively, and memorably.

Jury Research

Predict is our state-of-the-art jury research tool which uses the power of statistical analysis to test key issues and employs a predictive model to help determine probable jury outcomes. Since its introduction, Predict has become one of our most popular litigation support services.

I just used the Predict tool for the first time and was blown away with the product quality. I got ten times the number of participants of traditional focus group providers, with a comprehensive and easy-to-understand analysis. Predict showed me case weaknesses I hadn’t seen, and alerted me to potential jurors that I needed to de-select. I will never go into trial again without Predict. -David L. Kwass, Partner; Saltz, Mongeluzzi, Barrett & Bendesky, PC

eDiscovery Managed Services

In recent years, eDiscovery has become the most expensive and time-consuming part of litigation. With electronic data being produced at astronomical rates – and no slowdown in sight – it became necessary to rethink how we do eDiscovery. That is why Precise now offers eDiscovery managed services. With managed services, your firm will see a significant reduction in your overall eDiscovery costs and gain streamlined processes and workflows. With scalable packages, you can choose the service that best fits your firm’s needs and offer predictable billing to your clients.


One of the most challenging aspects of trial presentation is communicating complex concepts to the jury. Whether it is a chemical process or a surgical procedure, things that cannot be seen with the naked often prove a stumbling block to juror comprehension. With our trial graphics and animations, we help you develop demonstratives that will help jurors focus on and retain your key concepts.

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