Litigation support services

If you’re a fan of action movies, you may have noticed an often overlooked truth: behind every hero is a supportive team, without whom they would fail. Sometimes it’s a single plucky sidekick (like Sam in The Lord of the Rings), other times it’s an entire army (such as Captain America’s Howling Commandos).

A successful litigation is no different: the lead attorney is hailed as the hero, but victory was aided by a successful support staff. With Precise’s litigation support services, Ohio attorneys can get the expert help they need to win, no matter the size of the opposition.

Affordable Services for Every Law Firm

At Precise, we believe that technology should never be cost-prohibitive. We have tailored our litigation support services to meet the needs of our clients and be beneficial in any sized application. Our end-to-end services take you from the earliest stages of data collection and case development to delivering a powerful, technologically savvy courtroom presentation. Some of our most popular services include:

  • eDiscovery Managed Services – With the electronic data explosion, the traditional eDiscovery model has become increasingly expensive, unwieldy, and impractical. In response to our clients’ needs, we have introduced a managed services model that greatly reduces costs while streamlining workflows and increasing productivity. Attorneys also appreciate being able to offer predictable billing to their clients rather than surprising them with hefty eDiscovery bills.
  • Predict jury research – Using the science of statistical analysis, Predict is the next step in jury research. More accurate and less costly and time-consuming than traditional mock juries, Predict allows you to test the key elements of your case and hone a winning strategy.
  • Trial animations – Precise’s team of expert animators and graphic artists can breathe life into dry evidence and take jurors places they can’t see (such as inside a human body or the inner workings of a machine). They are also helpful for explaining complex medical procedures or showing a detailed chain of events. Powerful visual demonstratives help jurors comprehend and recall key evidence and themes far better than hearing evidence alone. Our seasoned professionals can help you create the perfect trial animation for your case.

For Expert Litigation Support Services in Ohio, Call Precise

To be successful, you need to surround yourself with a winning team. Since 2000, Precise has been providing law firms with the litigation support services they need at an affordable cost. To put our team to work for you, call us today at 866-277-3247.