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To say courtroom presentations have changed in the last twenty years is an understatement on par with saying airplanes have come a long way since the Wright brothers. Gone are the days of reading deposition transcripts: now you can allow jurors to see and hear the testimony for themselves with video depositions. Difficult-to-grasp medical testimony comes to life with medical illustrations and animations. Jurors can be brought to the scene of an accident with subject/perspective videos and accident recreation animations. With litigation support services, Chicago attorneys can revolutionize their courtroom presentations and gain better outcomes for their clients.

Precise’s Dedicated Litigation Support Services – Chicago

For more than a decade, Precise’s expert staff of attorneys, trial consultations, litigation technology specialists, and certified videographers and illustrators have been providing attorneys with high-quality digital trial presentations. We have served law firms of all sizes in various litigation venues around the country, helping them prepare for and respond to litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. With one of the largest trial support teams in the country, we help our clients level the playing field by developing and executing sophisticated presentations in jury trials, bench trials, mediations, arbitrations, and a variety of hearings.

Precise’s trial consultants work closely with clients to understand the framework, direction, and scope of a case, then direct our internal team of professional graphic designers and videographers to create and deliver the services and technologies that fit the client’s case strategies most effectively. Through every stage of the trial process, our consultants are prepared to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a case and recommend fresh strategies based on data, expertise, and precedent. Why wait until the conclusion of a case to review what worked? Our experienced team knows how to engage today’s technology-savvy jurors from the start, enhancing your case with cutting-edge presentations.

We provide all the high-tech resources and cutting-edge equipment our clients need for dynamic courtroom presentations. We tailor the equipment for the individual requirements of the case, ensuring a streamlined setup that suits our clients’ needs precisely. With Precise on your side, you don’t have to worry about being technologically-savvy. Our hot-seat technicians are in the courtroom with you every day, running all of the technology and executing your multimedia trial presentations seamlessly.

For Superior Litigation Support Services, Chicago Attorneys Turn to Precise

We hire Precise for all of our trials and we are always the smoothest, most organized lawyers in the courtroom. – Jon R. Perry, Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C.

If you are looking to take your courtroom presentations to the next level, call the expert team at Precise today: 866-277-3247.