• Litigation graphics

Litigation graphics are one of the best ways to communicate the key issues of your case to the jury. Humans are extremely visual creatures, and multiple studies have shown that visual aids help memory retention and recall. With well-crafted illustrations and animations, you can take your case presentation to the next level. Since 2001, Precise has been providing attorneys with powerful demonstratives at affordable prices. With the weight of experience, today we will share with you how to avoid the two most common mistakes litigators make.

Don’t Rush a Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is arguably the most important cake you will ever purchase. You don’t pop into a grocery store before the reception and grab one from the case. Instead, you meet with a baker months in advance, spending time going over every detail to make sure the cake will turn out exactly the way you imagine. If you call up a baker the night before your wedding, you may get an adequate cake, but it won’t be the masterpiece you imagined.

The same is true for litigation graphics: whether you are getting an animation or medical illustration, they take time to develop. Don’t wait until a week before trial to start the process: call us as soon as possible. This will give us ample time to hone the litigation graphics to meet your needs. Sometimes – particularly with medical illustrations – the development process can reveal evidence crucial to your case.

Don’t Focus on Keeping Up With the Jonses

One of the biggest mistakes attorneys make is trying to force technology into their case presentation in order to keep up with the competition. Technology for technology’s sake rarely works in your favor. The best litigation graphics are the ones that present information clearly and succinctly. Graphics should be evaluated by how well they explain and support your case, not by how many bells and whistles they have. A well-crafted litigation graphic doesn’t need extra flair to be effective.

Contact Precise for Expert Litigation Graphics

At Precise, our trial consultants enjoy helping clients discover all the benefits of courtroom animations, medical illustrations, and other litigation graphics. We work with you and your experts in order to develop dynamic, accurate graphics that will present your case in the best light. Don’t wait until the last minute: contact Precise for a consultation today. For more information on our litigation graphics, call us at 866-277-3247.