Legal videographer
From interactive depositions to day-in-the-life videos, a legal videographer helps bring your case to life. Legal videos take advantage of our highly digital society by engaging jurors through a familiar format, making for the most memorable and effective delivery of information. Precise offers extensive video services to meet all your litigation needs.

A Wide Array of Tools from Precise’s Legal Videographers

  • Interactive depositions – Video depositions allow you to capture and preserve witness testimony for use at any time in the course of a trial. Our interactive depositions not only capture witness’ body language and verbal cues, they allow deponents to interact with and annotate exhibits via a touch-sensitive monitor, adding a greater depth of clarity to their testimony.
  • Web-based video conferencing – When a deposition can’t be conducted in person, web-based video conferencing is a cost-effective alternative that avoids the hassle of travel while still clearly capturing and displaying video and exhibits.
  • Settlement videos – Whether you choose a succinct visual narrative or a more comprehensive, turn-key deliverable, our settlement videos are ideal for presenting to opposing counsel before mediation or trial. We offer three settlement video packages to meet your specific needs.
  • Day-in-the-life videos – Day-in-the-life videos are powerful presentation tools that effectively demonstrate injuries and their impact on your client and help explain the damages involved in the case.
  • Surveillance video processing – Surveillance video footage can be the critical element of your case, but it is also famous for poor visual quality. Our legal videographers can enlarge, brighten, sharpen and enhance surveillance videos; blur subjects; export still frames; and convert to user-friendly formats such as mp4 and mpeg.
  • Subject/perspective videos – Being able to put jurors in a witness’ shoes can help them better understand the witness’ perspective and testimony. We can pair video with Google maps and satellite views to orient the scene and show the perspective of drivers, pedestrians, and bystanders.
  • Drone/aerial video – We use drones to capture high-definition aerial video and photos of hard-to-reach places with ideal wide videos. Drone footage is tagged with GPS coordinates and has higher resolution than Google Earth.
  • Site inspection video and photography – We offer traditional site inspection videography and photography services. We can also create interactive iPix video presentations that provide user-controlled 360º panoramic views of a scene.
  • Multi-camera shoots – With multiple cameras (including GoPro cameras and drones) we can capture and display simultaneous shots from different perspectives. These shots can be combined with 3D animations for powerful demonstratives that are ideal for accident recreations.

Choose Precise’s Award-Winning Legal Videographers for Your Next Case

Precise’s specially trained legal videographers have been providing professional video production services to law firms and corporate legal teams since 2000. Backed by our experienced trial consultants, our legal videographers craft informative, engaging clips and presentations on message and on time. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to get dynamic video for your next case.