Legal video services

Face-to-face communication is on the decline: in today’s society we generally prefer to communicate digitally than in-person. In many ways, digital communication is easier because it takes less of our focus and attention. We can quickly answer a text message while still stirring our sauce or watching a show, with no interruption to our concentration.

As a result, how lawyers present a case to the jury is adapting to how jurors absorb and retain information. With attention spans shrinking, jurors may have a hard time following expert testimony (which is often full of technical terms and jargon). Expert testimony is critical to your case, so you want to be sure that jurors are paying attention. With legal video services, you can create captivating video deposition that will boost juror retention and comprehension.

Why Should I Use Legal Video Services for Depositions?

  • Cost effective – Live expert testimony is often very expensive, with some experts charging thousands of dollars, plus added charges for travel time and accommodations. Conversely, they may only charge a few hundred dollars to videotape a deposition.
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) – One of the best testimony tools out there, this technology combines exhibits and video in real-time. The witness interacts with exhibits via a telestrator, allowing the jury to see exactly what they are referencing. This keeps jurors’ attention focused on the testimony, rather than looking back and forth between a witness and exhibits, or being distracted by exhibits that are passed around.
  • Jury playback – During deliberations, the jury will most likely want to review expert testimony. Rather than reading the court transcript and trying to visualize the testimony, the jury can ask to see the video deposition again.

Turn to Precise, the Legal Video Services Experts

A common question we are asked is, How far in advance of trial should I request legal video services? As soon as possible is always best to ensure you get the best services, allowing ample time for revisions, additions, and other modifications. However, we also understand that sometimes time is limited, and we offer solutions for projects with quick turn-around requirements.

The second most common question is, Who runs the video in the courtroom? We have a team of highly trained legal video services experts who handle all your technology in the courtroom. You don’t have to worry about running video or setting up and maintaining equipment. Instead, you can focus all your attention on case preparation.

For more information on video depositions and other legal video services, call Precise at 866-277-3247.