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In today’s increasingly digital world, Intellectual Property (IP) disputes are on the rise. With our smartphones gaining enough complexity to reduce our reliance on desktops, it is easier than ever to steal IP and pass it off as your own.

While most people think of patents when they think of Intellectual Property, there are actually four main types of IP:

  • Patents – Patents cover inventions, including how they work, what they do, how they do it, what they are made of, and how they are made.
  • Trade Marks – Trade marks can be words, logos, or a combination of both. These signs are used to distinguish your goods and services from those of your competitors.
  • Designs – You can register a design, which protects the overall visual appearance of a product or part of a product, including it’s shape, color, texture or materials.
  • Copyright – Copyrights protect literary works (including instruction manuals and computer programs) as well as dramatic, musical, and artistic works. They also cover recordings, broadcasts, and layouts or typographical arrangements of a work.

Proving IP Theft with Digital Forensics in Wilmington

It is not enough to know someone stole your Intellectual Property: you have to be able to prove it as well. Precise’s certified digital forensics team are experts at following the digital trail and uncovering the evidence you need to prove your case. We help you identify, collect, analyze, cull and retrieve all potentially relevant electronically stored information. We can support large volumes of electronic data from a variety of diverse data types, from servers to external hard drives to mobile devices.

Our e-discovery software allows us to quickly process ESI while avoiding spoilation risks, and we help you determine potential relevancy early on so that you are in the best position to advance you case. Our Wilmington digital forensics experts provide preliminary data evaluation and analysis, as well as guidance on the best forensic strategies to use your resources to your greatest advantage.

We also offer cost-saving solutions to keep your digital forensic costs affordable, no matter the scope of your litigation. With our Lateral Data’s Viewpoint® platform, we lower discovery cost by streamlining workflow with rapid ingestion and production of ESI. Review is often the most expensive and time-consuming phase of litigation, so we created our proprietary review platform, Diligence®, to consolidate and shorten the process without compromising accuracy.

Bringing the Precise Difference to Digital Forensics in Wilmington

No matter the scope and timeframe of your litigation or the size of your law firm, Precise has the affordable trial support services you need. From digital forensics to graphics and trial support services, Precise is dedicated to providing you with the competitive edge. Contact us today and discover why we are the top digital forensics service in Wilmington.