Courtroom graphics
Courtroom graphics and presentations have changed dramatically in the last twenty years, and technology is both to thank and to blame. Attorneys no longer have to rely on posterboard presentations or written depositions. They have a wide range of presentation technology at their fingertips. But the prevalence of technology in society means that litigators who fail to deliver technology-savvy presentations could find courtroom success elusive.

Technology’s Effect on Jurors

A 2016 survey found that the average human attention span had fallen from 12 seconds to 8 seconds (while goldfish have maintained an attention span of 9 seconds). This drop was linked to the introduction and popularization of smartphones. The average person spends over 4 hours a day on their smartphone, and over 11 hours a day on all forms of digital media combined. Not only has this made it more difficult to hold jurors’ attention, it has also necessitated a change in how lawyers communicate with juries. Jurors are accustomed to receiving the information in a digital format. They are more likely to connect with and understand a digital presentation. Courtroom graphics and animations allow litigators to present information in bite-sized, easy-to-retain pieces. They can be shown repeatedly to help increase retention and understanding, and appeal to visual learners (who make up 65% of the population).

In recent years, the “CSI effect” has also become an increasing problem for litigators to overcome. The “CSI effect” refers to juror expectations of technology-rich courtroom presentations due to evolving technology in both entertainment and real life. This means that jurors have high standards when it comes to courtroom technology. If the technology is outdated, poor quality, or not presented smoothly, jurors will have an unfavorable opinion of the presentation, regardless of the facts. The effective use of courtroom graphics, animations, and other technology can mean the difference between a loss and a victory.

Precise’s Courtroom Graphics and Animations Help Win Cases

Since 2000, Precise has been helping law firms and corporate legal teams of all sizes find success in the courtroom with our affordable fleet of litigation support services. Our expert team of graphic artists and animators can produce powerful demonstratives that add clarity to your evidence and boost juror retention and comprehension. Our work has helped make the difference in numerous litigations. For more information on how our courtroom graphics and animations can benefit your next case, call us today at 866-277-3247.