Importance of computer forensics
Criminal investigations have changed rapidly in the last 150 years, as new discoveries and techniques give investigators more information than ever before. In the late 1800s, fingerprints were first used to identify criminals and prove guilt at trial. DNA evidence was first introduced to the courtroom in 1986, and has since helped prove the guilt and innocence of thousands of individuals. Now, as our society’s dependence on technology grows exponentially, digital forensics has become the next wave of investigatory advancement. Underestimating the importance of computer forensics could leave you unprepared for trial at best or losing your case at worst.

Securing a Digital Crime Scene

When a crime occurs, we all know what follows: police secure the scene, carefully collecting evidence and taking pains to avoid contamination or damage. The same care and precaution needs to be taken when handling digital evidence. Failure to properly handle electronically stored information (ESI) could result in spoliation charges and your evidence being deemed inadmissible.

That is why it is important to seek the help of a professional digital forensics examiner as soon as possible. They help establish a clear chain of custody and create a forensic copy of the device for examination, preserving the original information. They can also recover data that is not readily accessible or appears to be lost, such as deleted files, residual (or “ghost”) data, metadata, and automatically stored data.

But What About Cost?

Many attorneys are hesitant to launch a computer forensics investigation right away due to the high costs associated with eDiscovery. However, in modern cases, it is almost guaranteed that ESI will play an important role in your case. Waiting to start your eDiscovery investigation can result in higher costs as you rush to meet deadlines.

At Precise, we believe that courtroom technology shouldn’t be prohibitively expensive. That is why we offer eDiscovery managed services that streamline workflows and reduce eDiscovery costs by up to 50%. We also offer full digital forensics investigations and traditional eDiscovery services. Our staff are experts at data culling, helping keep costs low while producing high-value information.

Discover the Importance of Computer Forensics with Precise

Knowing the importance of computer forensics can mean the difference between winning and losing your case. Don’t hold off on eDiscovery: call the experts right away and get the ball rolling. With our Philadelphia digital forensics experts, you can be certain that your ESI will be handled properly, and that all pertinent information will be found. For more information about our computer forensics services, call us today at 866-277-3247.