Litigation animation
When it comes to assembling furniture, there are two types of people: those who meticulously study the instructions before assembly, and those who ignore the instructions until they realize their dining room chair resembles a modern art sculpture. Whichever camp you belong to, we can agree that photos add clarity to the instructions and help you determine how the pieces relate to each other. Now imagine you had an instructional video that demonstrated the assembly step by step. Your understanding of the information and how it fits together would increase exponentially.

Litigation animation plays a similar role at trial. Litigation animation compiles evidence and testimony into a compact, easy-to-process format for jurors, increasing their understanding and comprehension of your case. Without effective visual aids, jurors could put together the pieces of your case incorrectly, leading to an undesirable verdict.

Litigation Animation in the Courtroom

In 2015, Americans watched over 100 million hours of instructional videos on YouTube, and video searches related to “how-tos” have been growing by 70% each year. Today, the average juror interacts with and learns new information through digital media more than any other format. Additionally, studies have found that only 10% of verbal information is retained after 3 days, but retention jumps to 65% when the information is presented both visually and verbally.

How does this information influence your case presentation? Consider an automobile accident: important information will typically include speed, distance, visibility, reaction time, and road conditions. Before litigation animation, attorneys were forced to rely on charts, models, photographs, and expert testimony to communicate these concepts to the jury. Jurors then had to assemble the information and recreate the accident in their minds, with varying degrees of accuracy. With litigation animation, attorneys can present jurors with a real-time, accurate recreation of the accident. Jurors can see exactly how much time the driver had to react, how road conditions impacted maneuverability, how speed affected the crash, and much more. Litigation animations allow jurors to see how the pieces fit together, helping them assemble the information correctly and find in your favor.

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