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As the world of eDiscovery keeps changing, many law firms are finding it advantageous to opt for managed services rather than the traditional eDiscovery model. Managed services allow parts of the eDiscovery process (including infrastructure, hosting, processing, and project management) to be outsourced to an experienced Pittsburgh IT consultant. Law firms with multiple locations acquire a centralized process while smaller firms gain a cost-effective edge on larger competition. It also means you have a Pittsburgh IT consultant partner who keeps up with constantly evolving technology and systems so that you don’t have to.

What Can eDiscovery Managed Services Do For You?

Advances in technology have lowered processing costs in recent years, but the explosion of data being created has offset – and often surpassed – those savings. Workflows that used to require multiple software programs are now consolidated into end-to-end solutions. Since the traditional eDiscovery model was dependent on per GB processing fees, it discouraged vendors from fully utilizing software to cull down data as much as possible before processing. This led to large eDiscovery bills that drove up the overall cost of litigation, much to the displeasure of both law firms and their clients.

Responding to the needs of our clients, Precise is offering our eDiscovery services through a managed services program. Now our Pittsburgh IT consultants help your firm implement streamlined processes and workflows to help reduce and control overall eDiscovery expenses. And by hosting ESI (electronically stored information) on our state-of-the-art data center facilities, you are guaranteed to meet your clients’ compliance and regulation standards. You can also rest easy knowing you have access to our expert Pittsburgh IT consultants when needed.

Managed services even help law firms meet their short-term and long-term expense goals. Since per GB processing fees are eliminated, you can provide your clients with a predictable monthly expense. We offer a range of managed services packages, from small commitments (perfect for a single matter), to multi-terabyte packages (great for firms with multiple locations who want to utilize a shared program). These packages easily adapt to the changing needs of you and your clients.

Choose Precise for Expert eDiscovery Managed Services

Don’t continue paying exorbitant eDiscovery costs. With Precise’s eDiscovery managed services you can save significant time and money while maintaining access to expert Pittsburgh IT consultants. For more information, call us at 866-277-3247 to speak to one of our representatives.