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One of the most important tasks for a trial lawyer is to effectively and memorably communicate the case facts and narratives to the judge and jury. Electronic trial presentation offers powerful tools to achieve this goal. From making documents come alive, to breathing life into dry expert testimony, to letting jurors relive events with animations, electronic trial presentation helps litigators be more effective in the courtroom.

4 Ways to Take Advantage of Electronic Trial Presentation

  1. Trial consultants – Being a trial lawyer can sometimes feel like being the ringmaster at a circus: overseeing everything and everyone, ensuring projects are completed accurately and on time, while still having to do your own preparations for trial. A trial consultant helps bring order to the chaos by taking on a project management role. They oversee the production of trial graphics and animations and ensure the proper technologies are lined up for the courtroom. At Precise, our consultants also manage all of the technology and Precise-provided equipment necessary for a powerful electronic trial presentation.
  2. Interactive video depositions – Verbal expert testimony can often be dry and difficult to follow. Video depositions add clarity and interest by incorporating Picture-In-Picture technology, allowing the witness to interact with the exhibits in real time. They can also be reviewed by the jury during deliberations, allowing the jurors to review the witness’ body language as well as their testimony. Video depositions can also be used to impeach witnesses and can easily be edited in response to objections.
  3. Repetition and consistency – Key information must be repeated multiple times to ensure the jury will grasp and retain said information. An electronic trial presentation allows you to repeat the information in a variety of ways, keeping your themes consistent without boring the jurors. Both trial graphics and interactive animations allow you to present detailed information in a memorable manner that doesn’t overwhelm your audience.
  4. The right tools for the right audience – Precise’s trial consultants understand juror psychology and can help you tailor your presentation to the jury. Some jurors expect a highly technical presentation, while others may be put off by too many bells and whistles. Remember, the goal of an electronic trial presentation is not to impress jurors, but to enhance their understanding and retention of the facts of your case.

Precise: the Electronic Trial Presentation Experts

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