How many moving parts are in your case?

Do you have multiple plaintiffs or witnesses that need to provide testimony in chronological order? Does the testimony of different witnesses overlap?

Whenever you’re presenting evidence, there’s bound to be a chronological order that has to be followed. However, complications can arise when there are several elements that have to be pieced together in the mind of a judge, jury, or another decision-making party.

Humans tend to be visual creatures and putting a series of events into an organized visual timeline can help communicate the facts of your case clearly. In turn, this avoids confusion, ensuring comprehension and retention.

Precise has been creating straightforward visual representations of complex information and events for more than twenty years. We combine authentic and accurate storytelling with skilled graphics, charts, and video to communicate the information that’s needed to convey your points.

Clients utilize our services for opening statements to create an overall timeline as well as to illustrate a specific series of events that are crucial to the outcome of a case.

From products liability cases to medical practice and everything in-between, attorneys trust Precise for this valuable service. We also make it affordable to accommodate firms of all sizes.