Employee misconduct investigation

According to research, the earth now has more mobile devices than people. 80% of the population is mobile, with an average of 1.5 devices each. With technology so ubiquitous in our world, digital forensics plays an increasingly important role in litigation. The amount of information gathered from a smartphone alone can be invaluable to an attorney.

Not only is your phone tracking your every move, it has a wealth of stored information – even if you thought you deleted it – such as:

  • Text messages
  • Websites visited
  • Social media posts and messages (including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat)
  • Google Maps searches (both locations and directions)
  • Photos with geo-tagging

It also records how many times you used an app on a certain day, how long you used an app, phone calls sent and received, and so on. A thorough examination of your cell phone by a Philadelphia digital forensics expert can give a fairly clear insight to your daily activities, hobbies, and circle of friends. It can also hone in on activities of a certain day to either prove or disprove an alibi.

So how can this information aid your litigation? Consider the following examples:

  • Your client was in an automobile accident, and now they are being sued. The plaintiff claims they received an injury that makes it difficult to walk or leave their home. An inspection of their phone, however, shows they have been regularly visiting the gym, or their wearable fitness device has been recording high daily step counts. You have clear evidence that their claims are unfounded.
  • You are working an intellectual property dispute where a former employee is accused of stealing data from their company, your client, and selling it to a competitor. Searches of their home and company computers turn up nothing. But a digital forensics investigator recovers deleted photos of company documents, and deleted text messages where those images were transmitted. Now you can proceed with your case.

Precise Inc. are Philadelphia’s Digital Forensics Experts

With Precise Discovery, our Philadelphia digital forensics team processes electronically stored information (ESI) and offers preliminary data evaluation and analysis, giving you the information you need to advance your case. They can help you avoid spoliation risks from improperly collected data, and can parse down mountains of data to only what is relevant to the case.

For 16 years, Precise has been leveling the playing field with affordable digital forensics services in Philadelphia. If your case can benefit from our expertise, contact us today.