Our view of digital forensics is often shaped by what we see in television and movies. We think it’s simply a matter of sorting through computer files until the smoking gun is uncovered—the one piece of evidence that will prove a case.

In reality, digital forensics is the meticulous evaluation of electronically stored information (ESI); looking for clues and evidence like needles in a haystack. The days of standalone computers have given way to server networks, wireless networks, and mobile devices from cell phones to watches. This widens the net of sources available to a digital forensics expert for review, but the mountain of irrelevant data that comes with them must also be sorted.

There are several tools Wilmington digital forensics experts use to sort ESI and extract the relevant data:

  • E-discovery – Electronic discovery is the identification, preservation, collection, and production of electronically stored information. Unlike hardcopy evidence, ESI contains valuable metadata: time-date stamps, author and recipient information, file properties, etc. This is critical for following the information trail, especially in intellectual property disputes. Metadata help establish when and where files were created, who altered or deleted them, and who shared, copied or printed them.
  • Digital forensicsDigital forensics goes further than e-discovery, gathering less accessible data from storage devices, including:
    • Automatically stored data
    • Deleted files
    • “Ghost” or residual data
    • System data
    • Signs of wiping software

    Criminals usually attempt to destroy and/or delete evidence to cover their tracks, but Wilmington digital forensics investigators can often recover part or all of what was deleted, especially if the device is secured quickly.

  • Proper data handling – Once captured, ESI must be stored and handled properly to prevent spoilage. Our Wilmington digital forensics experts are familiar with the rules and regulations governing ESI evidence in litigation. They can help you avoid mistakes that could cause your evidence to be deemed inadmissible by the court.
  • Data analytics – After being captured and properly stored, the analysis of ESI can begin. At Precise, we assign a project manager to work directly with your team and our digital forensics experts in Wilmington to manage the scope and individual needs of your project. By using our proprietary review platform, Diligence®, we can quickly and accurately process large volumes of ESI for any scale of document review. We also lower your discovery cost by using Lateral Data’s Viewpoint® platform to streamline workflows and generate rapid ingestion and production of your ESI.

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