Deposition videographerIf you were tasked with assembling an elaborate piece of furniture and given the choice of using written instructions or watching a step-by-step how-to video, which would you choose? The majority of people would choose the video, and with good reason. Videos easily and concisely capture detailed information that would take stacks of pages to communicate in written form. They are visually engaging and enhance comprehension and retention of the information they communicate. That is why attorneys are increasingly choosing video depositions over traditional deposition transcripts. A skilled deposition videographer captures more than just words, providing litigators with a powerful presentation tool.

The Benefits of Video Depositions

  1. A richer, more engaging format – It is the opinion of most judges and juries that reading a lengthy deposition at trial is not only tedious and boring, it is unnecessary. With the amount of technology at our disposal, they know that there is a more effective way to deliver the information than through a dry reading. Video depositions that are concise and to the point help give jurors a favorable view of your case.
  2. Capture the nuances of witness testimony – Is the witness sweating? Tapping their foot nervously? Constantly glancing at their attorney for help answering a question? Frequently clearing their throat or hesitating in their answers? Or is the witness poised, relaxed, delivering their answers with confidence? None of these aspects are captured and communicated through traditional depositions, making it much more difficult for jurors to accurately interpret the testimony.
  3. Powerful impeachment tool – Should a witness contradict their testimony at trial, clips of their video deposition can be played in the courtroom to impeach them. Seeing a witness contradict themselves has a profound psychological effect on jurors. When an attorney reads from a transcript to impeach a witness, jurors may be more inclined to believe the witness when they claim the attorney misunderstood or is misrepresenting their words. A video deposition puts the onus of explaining the discrepancy entirely on the witness.
  4. Integrated use of demonstrative evidence – Precise’s deposition videographers excel at producing interactive depositions, which allow deponents to engage with evidence via a touch-sensitive monitor. Using picture-in-picture formatting, deponents are shown interacting with demonstrative evidence in real time on a single screen, adding clarity to their testimony.

For High-Quality Video Depositions, Call Precise

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