Courtroom technology
I’ll believe it when I see it.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Show, don’t tell.

There is a reason why phrases such as these are so abundant in our language. People often won’t believe something on hearsay alone – particularly if the speaker is unknown to them. They want to see, feel, hear the evidence and make a judgment for themselves. Jurors are no different: you can bring out expert testimony all day long, but jurors will likely remain skeptical unless they feel they have been presented all the evidence and allowed to come to their own conclusion.

That is why courtroom technology is such a valuable tool. Traditional case presentation methods don’t make a favorable impact on modern jurors. For a society that spends 11 hours a day consuming digital media, listening to original testimony be read from a transcript or seeing important evidence displayed on a posterboard is off-putting and hard to follow. As the way people consume information changes, so must our methods of case presentation change.

While communicating more effectively with jurors is perhaps the most important benefit to courtroom technology, it is not the only one. Here are 3 more reasons you should incorporate courtroom technology into your case presentation:

  1. Save time and money – Studies have shown that using technology in the courtroom can cut trial time from 25-50%, lowering court costs and allowing you to take on more clients and more billable hours. Technology also helps to streamline case preparations, making for a more cost-effective use of your time.
  2. Adaptability in the courtroom – Precise’s courtroom technology experts can troubleshoot problems quickly and meet last-minute needs that arise in the courtroom, including: editing exhibits or depositions on the fly in response to objections; pulling up, editing, and highlighting documents; and accessing important documents remotely.
  3. Interactive presentations – From interactive video depositions to trial animations, courtroom technology helps bring your case to life. It allows you to set the pace of your presentation and gives you the ability to pause and examine details that could get overlooked in real time. Video depositions and animations can also be reviewed by the jury during deliberations, allowing jurors to vividly recall evidence.

Precise Offers Affordable, High-Quality Courtroom Technology

At Precise, we believe that the use of courtroom technology should not be cost prohibitive. We leverage our expertise and cost-effective solutions to give you a competitive edge. If you would like to learn more about how our comprehensive suite of trial support services can benefit you, call us today at 866-277-3247.