Courtroom presentation specialist
When it comes to presenting your case in court, how many of the following trial presentation techniques are still in your repertoire?

  • Writing important information on a white board or large pad attached to an easel
  • Displaying important photos and documents by mounting them on 2’x3’ foam boards
  • Printing documents and giving them to jurors to pass among themselves
  • Impeaching a witness’ testimony by reading original testimony from a written transcript

While all of these techniques were standard practice 20 years ago, to modern jurors you might as well be trotting out prehistoric cave paintings. Today, people are saturated all day long by digital media. We snap pictures on our cell phones, send hundreds of texts, and live-tweet our commuting sagas without a second thought. In order to effectively communicate with modern jurors, you need the help and insight of a courtroom presentation specialist who can provide you with the tools and technology necessary for a dynamic courtroom presentation.

Add Spice to a One-Note Dish

The key to a tasty meal is depth of flavor. If you never open the spice cabinet, you are in for a very bland meal. The same is true for trial presentation: if you only present information in a single format, jurors will have trouble paying attention. Recent university studies have shown that student’s test scores improved by an entire letter grade when the course was taught with two or three different presentations methods as opposed to a single format. Using graphics and animations in addition to verbal testimony helps boost retention and recall of key information. A Precise courtroom presentation specialist helps you craft trial exhibits that engage jurors and help control the pace of your presentation to maximize effectiveness.

Minimize Visual Clutter

While visuals are a great way to convey information, they can become distracting and ineffective when you pack too much on the screen. It is a delicate balancing act, including all pertinent information and excluding the superfluous. A courtroom presentation specialist is experienced in juror behavior, and can help you determine which information will benefit your case and which will detract. They can also design your visuals to control the flow of information and thus maintain clarity. For example, with an interactive animation, elements can be added and removed at your discretion, ensuring that information isn’t introduced until you are certain the jury has grasped your previous point.

Courtroom Presentation Specialists: Don’t Go to Trial Without Them!

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