Courtroom graphics
Many attorneys assume that courtroom graphics and animations are only valuable and cost-effective if the case is going to trial. However, courtroom graphics can be powerful tools during mediations and settlements, often helping avoid costly trials and convincing the opposition to settle in your client’s favor. Precise’s highly skilled team of graphic artists, illustrators and animators produce sophisticated demonstrative exhibits that highlight the key elements of your case and encourage the opposition to settle.

Using Courtroom Graphics During Settlements

Here are 4 non-trial scenarios in which our courtroom graphics can benefit the outcome of your settlement:

  1. Mediation – Parties often agree to mediation because they wish to avoid the expense of litigation. However, if one party feels they would be getting a far better deal at trial, mediation will fail. Graphics and animations demonstrate the strength of your case and the scope of your evidence, reinforcing your position that the opposition would lose at trial, and making them more likely to agree to your terms.
  2. Settlement talks in judge’s chambers – Showing animations and graphics in the judge’s chambers ensures the judge will comprehend your case easily. Courtroom graphics empower you to provide a thorough presentation of your case in a succinct, well-prepared manner. This can often tip the settlement in your favor.
  3. Direct settlement talks – Never underestimate the engaging and emotional power of visual evidence. Bringing a visual reenactment or recreation of the evidence to the settlement table can quickly turn the tide in your favor by highlighting the weaknesses in the opposition counsel’s case. Rather than risk embarrassment in the courtroom, they will likely agree to a settlement.
  4. Email exchange settlements – In our digital age, some settlements are happening entirely through email. Courtroom graphics and animations can easily be attached to an email, showing the opposition that you are well prepared for trial and know your case inside and out. Often they will choose to settle rather than mount a defense against a well-prepared opponent.

Precise: Offering Superior Courtroom Graphics Coast to Coast

At Precise, we believe high-quality graphics and animations should be cost-effective for any size trial or law firm. That is why we provide outstanding courtroom graphics that fit your budget and add value to your case. Whether they are used for settlements or in the courtroom, our graphics and animations are certain to make the difference in your case. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to add value to your next case.