Cost of eDiscovery
In a survey conducted last year, those working with eDiscovery were asked what they saw as the biggest challenges they faced in the coming months. The cost of eDiscovery topped the list (22%), followed by data security (21%), increasing volumes of data (20%), lack of personnel (16%), increasing types of data (14%) and inadequate technology (6%). Law firms across the country are looking for a solution to the rising cost of eDiscovery. Why not choose a solution that addresses all of these challenges?

Managed Services from Precise: Solving the Challenges of eDiscovery

  • Inadequate technology – The world of technology seems to change overnight, making the task of keeping up overwhelming. By choosing managed services, you don’t have to worry about purchasing and maintaining ever-evolving software and hardware. They provide the tools and shoulder the responsibility of adapting them.
  • Increasing types of data – From mobile devices and third party apps to various operating systems, the ability to process multiple types of data is key. Precise’s managed services clients also have access to our digital forensics experts when they need them. If you encounter a new piece of technology, our digital forensics team can help you process the information.
  • Lack of personnel – With streamlined workflows, your staff can process higher volumes of data with improved accuracy. This makes workloads much more manageable and keeps your staff from being stretched thing.
  • Increasing volumes of data – Data is growing exponentially with no signs of stopping. If you were in school in the 90’s, you likely have fond memories of saving your work to a floppy disk. The average floppy disk offered 1.44MB of storage. That means it would take roughly 695 floppy disks to contain 1GB of data. By comparison, the average smartphone offers 32GB of storage – the equivalent of 22,222 floppy disks. Managed services help you handle avalanches of data without getting buried.
  • Data security – With data breaches in the news seemingly every other week, attorneys and clients are more security conscious than ever. When you partner with a managed services company, you gain access to their secure servers and systems. You don’t have to rely on your own outdated servers or invest in costly upgrades. Managed services guard your data against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.
  • Budgetary constraints – Managed services allow law firms to tailor eDiscovery to meet their individual needs. This provides you with predictable pricing, allowing you to give accurate estimates to your client. You also save money on personal, software, and hardware.

Reduce the Cost of eDiscovery with Managed Services from Precise

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