Computer forensic service

The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend in business has been growing in popularity over the last few years. Businesses love the idea because it reduces cost and overhead. Employees love it because they can choose their device rather than being assigned one. However, when employees access and store business related data on a personal device, forensic examinations of those devices encounter complicated issues related to ownership and privacy.

The complications essentially boil down to one question for companies: “Do we legally have the right to perform a forensic examination on this device?” This traditionally hasn’t been an issue because the company owned the devices and assigned them to employees along with a notice regarding rules of use. But if a company fails to implement a Personal Device Use Policy, doubt rises as to whether they can order the device examined without consent or a court order. Failure to obtain proper authorization can result in serious civil and criminal penalties, as well as costly employment law violations and potential lawsuits.

In such cases, it is in a company’s best interest to consult a computer forensics service. These experts are familiar with the laws regarding digital forensic examinations and can help you determine how to legally obtain an investigation. They will also perform the examination in accordance with all protocols and procedures, ensuring data is properly collected, a chain of custody is maintained, and spoliation risks are avoided.

Digital Forensic Services Offer Peace of Mind

Digital forensic services are familiar with the ever-increasing variety of devices and operating systems flooding the market. Corporate IT staff are often unfamiliar and unprepared to perform forensic examinations on the latest mobile devices. These devices require specialized software, training and equipment that are not financially practical for companies to invest in.

As experts in their field, digital forensic services are well-equipped to handle any device that is brought to them. Even devices that are damaged – whether physically or through wiping software – often hold clues that forensic examiners can uncover. And should the examination produce actionable evidence that leads to trial, our digital forensic experts can take the stand to provide expert testimony.

Precise: Offering Expert Digital Forensic Services for Over 17 Years

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