Pittsburgh trial support services

For over 15 years, Precise Inc. has offered a comprehensive suite of trial support services in Pittsburgh to assist your litigation from start to finish. We continue to expand the services we offer in an effort to meet our clients’ needs and be your one-stop solution for litigation support.

Digital Forensics and eDiscovery

In today’s increasingly digital world, almost all cases contain a digital element. Whether it’s sorting data from smartphones and laptops, or a digital forensics review of hard drives and storage devices, lawyers are often faced with a daunting, expensive, time-consuming task.

In order to combat sky-high costs and offer flexible solutions to our clients, Precise has introduced eDiscovery managed services. Whether you need data processing for a single case or are looking for a multi-terabyte plan to share across your firm, we have a package that suits your needs. We have eliminated per GB processing fees, allowing you to provide your clients with a predictable monthly expense. And when the data requires a closer look, our digital forensics experts are available to uncover information that is not readily accessible and may be key to your case.

Predict™ Jury Research Tool

Once you have gathered your evidence, you will begin forming your case narrative. Knowing how a jury will view your case is crucial, but mock juries are expensive and time consuming. With our groundbreaking jury research tool, Predict™, you gain all the benefits of a mock jury without the time and expense. By applying the science of statistics to litigation, we are able to accurately predict how potential jurors will react to various aspects of your case, allowing you to craft the most effective case narrative possible.

Animations and Medical Illustrations

With retention a growing problem among jurors, it is crucial to make the key aspects of your case as clear and memorable as possible. Animations are one of the most effective tools in communicating complex concepts to a jury. By breaking down processes or giving jurors insight into the inner workings of the process being discussed, these visuals can make the difference in whether or not jurors grasp your position.

Likewise, medical illustrations help give life to otherwise dull and hard-to-follow testimony. Our expert Pittsburgh medical illustrators can turn medical jargon and medical imaging into a powerful presentation that captures jurors’ attention and increases their understanding.

Precise in the Courtroom

To round out our Pittsburgh trial support services, we offer experts with leading edge equipment to join you in the courtroom and handle your multimedia presentation. We even offer a complete “mobile office” in the courtroom, giving you the ability to scan, print, and handle remote documents via the Internet in an instant.

Don’t settle for less than the best: take advantage of Precise’s comprehensive suite of Pittsburgh trial support services for your next case.