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Americans are a suspicious lot. Trust in our fellow man is at an all time low: only one-third of Americans say most people can be trusted. When it comes to doctors, that attitude doesn’t improve. Most Americans believe doctors can’t be trusted. When trying a medical malpractice case, this suspicion can be both a help and a hindrance to your litigation. If your client is suffering because of medical negligence, a jury’s innate distrust of doctors can be worked to your favor. But you will still need to show the jury what went wrong in a way that is clear and understandable.

Another problem attorneys face is the prevalence of medical information on the Internet. Between Google and websites like WebMd, today’s jurors often think they have the same (if not more) medical knowledge as doctors. A recent study showed that 35% of U.S. adults have used the Internet to self-diagnose a medical condition. While today’s jurors certainly have access to a lot of medical information, they don’t have a doctor’s extensive schooling to provide a complete framework in which to understand what they are reading. There is also a wealth of inaccurate information on the Internet, adding to the confusion.

So what is an attorney to do? Hire a medical illustrator. An experienced Pittsburgh medical illustrator can turn medical jargon into a format that the average juror can easily comprehend and remember. Medical images such as X-rays and CAT scans require radiography degrees to interpret, making them confusing evidence to be presented in court. A skilled medical illustrator works with medical experts to accurately depict these medical scans in a palatable manner. Below is an example of a medical illustrator’s rendering of MRI and X-ray information.

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By adding clarity to these images, the medical illustrator has upheld the veracity of the information obtained by the scans yet presented it in a memorable manner. Now the jurors don’t have to rely solely on the testimony of competing experts: they can view and understand the information for themselves.

Visuals are key in communicating important concepts to the jury and boosting retention of key facts. The medical graphics created by our Pittsburgh medical illustrators can make the difference in winning your medical malpractice case.

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In the past, the conventionally high cost of medical illustrations has made them ineffective for small cases. At Precise, we feel that technology should be affordable and accessible, so that cases large and small are on a level playing field. If your Pittsburgh medical malpractice case could benefit from expert medical illustrations, contact Precise today.