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If a picture is worth a thousand words, then imagine the value of a professional, cutting-edge trial presentation! Post-trial interviews with jurors in mock trials and focus groups repeatedly demonstrate that jurors have the highest recall for evidence that was visually presented rather than what was simply spoken. Jurors often want to be shown proof, to have something tangible presented to them, rather than listen to someone ramble off a prepared speech.

Attorneys may have a general idea of how they want to present certain pieces of evidence or demonstrative aids, but often they are unfamiliar with the full range of technological options available to them–this is where a trial consultant comes in. A consultant’s job is to understand the framework, direction, and scope of a case, and then to create and deliver the visuals and technologies that most effectively complement the case presentation. A trial consultant brings together the attorney’s presentation goals, the best presentation technology, and the needs of the audience.

Streamlined Preparation and Dynamic Presentations

Sometimes attorneys have to prepare for a trial on a time crunch. You may find that exhibit documents (which could number in the tens of thousands!) are too dark for a jury to view them legibly in the courtroom. Proper preparation of electronic materials can be a time killer for the litigation team.

Our Wilmington trial support team can prepare documents and exhibits, craft graphics and animations, and identify key information on relatively short notice, though you shouldn’t wait until the last minute. We enhance the presentation of these materials by creating video clips and annotating documents. Allow us to take on the task of evidence preparation so that you can focus on other critical aspects of your presentation.

The trial consultant’s job isn’t over once all exhibits, demonstratives, and deposition videos are prepared; they also set up and manage all of the technology and equipment needed for a dynamic courtroom presentation. They are able to select, display, and annotate video clips, exhibits, and demonstratives on-the-fly. This ability to adapt at a moment’s notice comes from hours of training and experience.

Top Trial Consultants in Wilmington

Put our Wilmington trial consultants to work for you. We streamline trial preparation and maximize the audience’s comprehension and retention of your key points. Precise Inc. specializes in well-crafted presentations that help level the playing field and put the focus on the aspects of the case you want emphasized most.

Contact Precise today and have the expertise of our Wilmington trial consultants on your side!