Courtroom animations

Since 2000, Precise has been providing powerful courtroom animations to law firms across the country. In the last 17 years we have been asked dozens of questions about courtroom animations. Today we will answer the top 5 most commonly asked questions:

  1. What does the animation process entail? – The process begins when you sit down with our design team to discuss your case theory. Our design team formulates an animation idea, then passes it along to our animators for development. The animation will go through multiple stages of development, with input from you and your experts along the way. You can read a detailed overview of the process here.
  2. What role do I play in animation development? – Animations need the input of both litigators and expert witnesses. While your witness may be an expert in their field, they are not experienced at communicating with a jury. If you leave the animation solely in the hands of your expert, you may end up with an overly complex animation that will bring confusion instead of clarity. By working together, you and your expert arrive at an animation that provides accurate, easy-to-understand information.
  3. When should I begin the courtroom animation process? – When it comes to courtroom animations, the earlier you begin the better. Before trial, animations can help you develop case theory and even persuade the other side to reach a settlement.
  4. How can I be sure the animation will be admitted to the courtroom? – Courtroom animations are classified into two categories: simulation and demonstration. All animations must be validated by expert or witness testimony. Simulations fall under stricter rules of admissibility since they are extrapolated from objective data.
  5. Are animations really worth it? – Courtroom animations offer countless invaluable benefits to your case. Here are just three examples:
    • Get insight into your case – Since they are based on expert reports and witness testimony, animations can highlight discrepancies, helping you catch errors in a witness’ testimony or point out holes in the case.
    • Bring clarity to witness testimony – Expert testimony is often dry and full of technical language that those outside their field won’t understand. Courtroom animations allow jurors to visualize what is being discussed – such as a chemical process or medical procedure – leading to increased comprehension and retention of the information.
    • Communicate more effectively with the jury – Due to Americans’ heavy reliance on the internet for knowledge and information, it easy for them to lose interest in or be overwhelmed by evidence and testimonies. Courtroom animations present easy-to-process, bite-sized pieces of information in the visual format jurors are familiar with.

The Various Types of Courtroom Animation

Trial animation automotive

Automotive – Due to the sudden nature of car accidents, it is often difficult for witnesses and those involved to provide a detailed picture of the incident. Recreating the accident through a courtroom animation allows you to look at it from multiple angles and perspectives. It can also be used to discredit witness testimony (such as showing they had to be going faster than they stated) or display how injuries were sustained.

Trial animation construction
Construction – Courtroom animations can help bring architectural drawings to life or demonstrate how incorrect materials were used.

Interactive trial animations
Interactive – Interactive animations provide flexibility without losing accuracy. They allow you to add and remove elements in order to highlight specific areas for greater audience understanding.

Trial animation medical
Medical – Medical malpractice cases often involve complex, difficult to explain procedures and internal damages. Courtroom animations provide a detailed view of damage that is hidden to the naked eye.

Trial animation personal injury
Personal Injury and Product Liability – Animations are also a great way to demonstrate how workplace and personal injuries were sustained or how a product malfunctioned.

Precise: Affordable, Expert Courtroom Animations

Whether your law firm is located in California or Maine, our experienced animators can help you create powerful courtroom animations for your case. Call us today at 866-277-3247 for more information.