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No matter the size of your case, Precise offers an impressive suite of eDiscovery services, backed by a team of experts and industry-best processing and review tools for fast and reliable handling of large volumes of electronic data. We provide a concise explanation of your options at the onset of a project, critical project management throughout, and advanced reporting once your eDiscovery plan is underway.

eDiscovery Services

Managed Services

Implementing an eDiscovery managed services program can help streamline your processes and greatly reduce the overall expense for your client. Eliminate expensive per GB processing fees and fully leverage the early case assessment capacity of our workflow.

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Precise Forensics

Let our expertly skilled and experienced staff work with you to quickly and carefully identify, legally collect, analyze, report and present relevant digital evidence for your case. Our analysts take a meticulous approach to help you avoid unnecessary spoliation risks associated with improper collection of data, while protecting you from the common and expensive pitfall of over-collection.

Use our computer forensic services to narrow and focus your overall case strategy and guide and clarify your discovery.

John Roche, CFCE, EnCE
Precise, Inc.

Computer Forensics Services Packages

Precise offers commonly requested services bundled into three packages for time- and cost-efficiency.

Departing Employee Package

Helping businesses determine if a departing employee(s) destroyed, obtained, currently possess
or is actively using intellectual and proprietary company property or has violated a non-compete/confidentiality agreement.

Employee Misconduct Package

Providing time-sensitive results to the scholastic, public and private sectors regarding an employee’s online social networking, texting and email activities when an event triggers potential liability and/or attracts media attention.

Mobile Device Package

Offering clients a forensic examination of mobile devices including retrieving data such as often-requested items like text messages and call logs.
This can help in determining if further
investigation is needed.

Computer Forensics Services

Precise offers a full suite of computer forensics services.  Descriptions of some of our conventional services are listed below.

Precise can perform a byte level, hash verified acquisition of all data and information on a digital device. All information, such as operating system files, deleted data, and metadata, is preserved in its original format. Forensic imaging provides the best possible manner of preserving evidence and minimizes the time disruption to the client in the collection process. 

Precise’s analysts can specifically target certain areas of a mobile device, computer, laptop, server, or network to be forensically imaged. Similar to a full forensic image, all metadata and system data may be preserved. This is particularly useful in situations where the data sources are extremely large or where highly sensitive (but non-relevant) data also exists on the device.

Particularly useful when client devices are geographically disbursed, computer forensic tools are securely executed on the remote machine to specifically target digital information or forensically image an entire hard drive. When performing a remote collection, data can be culled and filtered prior to making any forensic data acquisitions.

Precise’s computer forensic software can filter, cull and sort data based on criteria such as filename, filename extension, file header and footer, MD5 or other hash value, type of file, file size, creation date and time, last accessed date and time, deleted date and time, last edited date and time or date the filename was last edited. 

Precise can retrieve data from the unallocated (unused) areas of a computer hard drive long after deletion.  In some cases, data that has been deleted for years can be retrieved. Some items that may be recoverable include filename, content of the data, images, and metadata. Hard drives that have been formatted can be reconstituted to their original format.

Precise can forensically analyze devices such as personal computers, servers, social networking sites, Internet locations, and smart phones. We can retrieve and interpret information and artifacts from these sources and digital storage mediums and devices providing contextual and practical meaning to the data.

Precise’s forensic analysts have been recognized as experts in both federal and state jurisdictions. They can prepare expert reports, author affidavits, declarations and oral reports. Should the case go to trial, our forensic analysts can provide expert testimony in court or through deposition as well as prepare and deliver quality technical presentations.

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“Precise enabled me not only to provide the answers to the discovery, they gave me the tools necessary to organize it, package it, and file it with ease.”

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