Video deposition
On any given day, YouTube has over 30 million visitors and 5 billion viewed videos. The world consumes 3.25 billion hours of video a month from YouTube alone: this doesn’t include TV, Netflix, and other streaming services. This overwhelming popularity can be attributed to the fact that video is a powerful medium to capture interest and relay information. Video depositions are no different: far more than simply a digital recording of a witness’ testimony under oath, a deposition video is a valuable tool in the litigation arsenal. Precise offers video depositions as part of our litigation support services, and today we will answer some of the frequently asked questions litigators have about this service.

Why Should I have a Deposition Videotaped?

There are numerous benefits to a video deposition. It allows you to:

  • Provide absent co-counsel and team members with material for preparation
  • Clarify verbal responses by capturing physical responses, such as shrugs, nods, and inflections
  • Alleviate scheduling conflicts of key witnesses for the duration of the case
  • Preserve witness testimony should they become ill, die, flee, or be otherwise unavailable to testify in court

How Can I Use a Video Deposition at Trial?

In the case of an absent witness, the video is presented in place of live testimony, with objections and overruled questions edited out. You can choose to show all of the video, or just select questions and answers. The questions do not have to be from a continuous piece of video: it can be edited to show questions and answers from different times in the deposition.

Perhaps the most common use of video deposition is to impeach a witness if they change their testimony at trial. Seeing a witness contradict themselves on video has a far greater impact than simply reading a written transcript of their testimony back to them.

What is an Interactive Video Deposition?

Interactive depositions use picture-in-picture technology to display exhibits and witness interaction simultaneously. This provides a clear view of the exhibits and allows jurors to see exactly what the witness is referencing in their testimony. It focuses juror attention on key information and helps with both memory retention and recall.

Precise’s Video Depositions Give You an Advantage in the Courtroom

At Precise, our staff sees you all the way through a matter. As part of our litigation support services, we provide and run all the courtroom equipment you need for a seamless, powerful presentation. Our expert staff can also sync depositions to transcripts, allowing for “on-the-fly” editing, clip creation, and seamless courtroom playback. If you would like to learn more about video depositions from Precise, call us today at 866-277-3247.