Few cases are more complex – legally as well as technically – than intellectual property disputes. The subtle distinctions are often impossible to understand without an advanced degree and years of experience. Effectively presenting the relevant background and explaining the nuances of a field as they apply to a particular argument is challenging.

A quality multimedia presentation can convey the facts of the case in a way the jury can comprehend. If the presentation is subpar, however, it can have a negative impact on your case.

Our society is one that is inundated with technology. People are increasingly getting their information from the Internet and spending more than 11 hours a day on electronic media. This also means that anyone can feel like a pseudo-expert on a topic with just a few clicks of a mouse. The problem is informational websites (such as Wikipedia) provide quick overviews but often miss the nuances of more complex subject matter that may be the crux of your case.

In addition, this “instant information” style is what jurors have become accustomed to in their everyday lives and leads to an expectation of how they will receive information in the courtroom. So how can you be sure your presentation will be everything your case requires? Turn to Precise, the experts in trial presentation services in Philadelphia.

Precise: Technology Solutions for Lawyers, by Lawyers

Since 2000, Precise, Inc. has been providing trial presentation services in Philadelphia to help law firms and corporate legal teams manage litigation in a defensible, cost-efficient manner. Our trial solutions include:

  • Video services – Our specially trained video staff offers professional video production services that provide critical visual components for your case with an array of impressive legal videography strategies. You can view samples of our video services here.
  • Graphics and animations – Precise’s Philadelphia trial presentation services includes graphics expertise for the creation of tailored demonstratives, forensic animations, and certified medical illustrations. No matter how complex your case or intricate the subject matter, Precise’s highly skilled staff of graphic artists, illustrators and animators will deliver compelling, highly effective courtroom presentations that clearly and powerfully communicate your point. Explore more of our work here.
  • Courtroom equipment – Precise’s trial presentation services in Philadelphia include a comprehensive array of high-tech resources and leading edge equipment for use in the courtroom, and we tailor each set-up for the individual requirements of the case.

At Precise, we know that a good presentation can make all the difference in your litigation. We take the time to sit down with you and explore options until we have agreed on a plan that both fits your budget and delivers the results you are seeking. You and your clients deserve the Precise difference: Contact us today.