Trial technology

Trial technology can seem overwhelming, particularly for those lawyers who don’t view themselves as technically savvy. You start with a laptop and a projector, and before you know it you’re facing a scanner, printer, two more computers, digital cameras, and a tangled mass of cables, extension cords, hubs and switches. As you stand amid this modern jungle, you find yourself asking, “Is all this really necessary?”

The answer is – maybe. Hear us out: technology is certainly crucial to your success in the courtroom, but you don’t have to pull out all the bells and whistles for every case. The goal of trial technology is to provide jurors with evidence (both demonstrative and actual) that is organized, visually appealing, and easy to digest and comprehend. How that looks will vary from case to case, but there are three main areas that trial technology can benefit.

Witness Testimony and Examination

Having evidence available in a digital format can help bring clarity to witness testimony. Evidence can easily be highlighted, blown up, or compared side-by-side with other evidence on one screen. This allows witnesses to emphasize a certain point, or it can be used during cross-examination to reveal inaccuracies in a witness’ testimony.

Sometimes it is more feasible to opt for a video deposition that features picture-in-picture technology. This allows the witness to interact with the evidence on one screen, making it easier for jurors to follow the testimony, and is often more cost-effective for expert witness testimony.

Bring Evidence to Life

Sometimes crucial evidence revolves around things that are hard to see (such as the inner workings of a mechanism) or difficult to explain (such as a chemical process). Such evidence can be greatly enhanced by a courtroom animation. Animations also help improve juror comprehension and retention of information.

Be Prepared for Anything

As part of our courtroom setup, we offer a complete mobile office that allows you to print, scan, and access remote documents via the internet. Never again worry about forgetting a crucial document at the office. With our mobile office, you can access evidence right when you need it, every time.

Don’t Go it Alone: Hire a Trial Technology Expert

When in doubt, turn to the experts. At Precise, we have been providing trial technology to law firms of all sizes since 2000. We provide you with all the equipment your case needs, but we don’t burden you with unnecessary tools. We also provide one of our expert trial technology technicians to operate all the equipment, allowing you to focus on your presentation.

For more information on our trial technology services, call Precise today at 866-277-3247.