Trial technology specialist
You are committed to providing your clients with the best representation: shouldn’t you have the best support services? At Precise, we believe that technology should never be cost prohibitive. That is why, since 2000, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as an affordable trial technology specialist. We provide you with the technologies you need to take your law firm to the next level.

End to End Technology from Precise

  • eDiscovery– Nearly all cases now involve some measure of electronic data. From mobile devices to laptops, crucial evidence is often hidden within mountains of electronically stored information (ESI). With genesis, our web-based application, you gain an intuitive workflow for better document management – from receiving documents to preparing them for trial. Responding to our clients needs, we also introduced managed services in Pittsburgh, increasing the availability of this service nationwide. With scalable commitments and predictable pricing, managed services help you reign in the cost of eDiscovery.
  • Digital forensics – Sometimes eDiscovery only scratches the surface of available ESI. For a closer look, you need a digital forensics investigation. A digital forensics expert can uncover hidden data, such as deleted files, automatically stored data, and residual data.
  • Litigation graphics – From animations to medical illustrations to day-in-the-life videos, Precise’s trial technology specialists can create demonstratives that support, highlight, and explain the key issues of your case. Attorneys today are facing juries with diminished attention spans who spend nearly 11 hours a day consuming digital media. Well crafted demonstratives boost juror retention and recall, and mean the difference between winning and losing a case.
  • Courtroom equipment – When it comes to presenting your case in the courtroom, our trial technology specialists are right there with you. We provide all the equipment necessary for a dynamic courtroom presentation and run the equipment for you. We even offer a complete mobile office, letting you print, scan and handle remote documents via the Internet. Never worry about forgetting a crucial document again!

Add Precise’s Trial Technology Specialists to Your Team

We live in an increasing digital world, and law firms are faced with the challenge of successfully incorporating technology into the courtroom. With a trial technology specialist, you gain invaluable insight and support. We work alongside you, helping you craft your case presentation and theory. Often technology can reveal weak spots in your case, or uncover critical evidence that might otherwise have been missed. If you are looking for a trial technology specialist, call us today at 866-277-3247.