Trial consulting firm

Litigators are often too quick to find an excuse not to hire a trial consulting firm. The two most common reasons are cost (“Why add an unnecessary expense?”) and experience (“I have been trying cases for years, I know what to expect.”) But these reasons don’t hold up under closer inspection. If you knew that a day-in-the-life video would increase the amount of your client’s settlement, wouldn’t you consider that a necessary expense? And haven’t you had a case you were completely sure of, only to have the jury decide against you? Trial consulting firms, such as Precise, are experts in technology and human behavior. They can see problems and solutions that litigators may overlook. This unique perspective makes them an invaluable resource at trial.

The Benefit of a Fresh Perspective

As a litigator, your focus is on your client and how to present them and their case to the jury. This can lead to a tunnel vision where you evaluate testimony and evidence only in how they reflect on your client. A trial consulting firm evaluates every bit of information and testimony on their own merits. For example, you may hire an expert to testify on your client’s behalf, knowing that their information is crucial to your case. However, jury research may show that the expert’s testimony is off-putting and confusing, actually causing jurors to decide against your client!

Trial consultants help you consider multiple factors, such as attribution theory and the impact of animations on a jury, in order to craft a well-rounded, powerful trial presentation. They assist you at every stage of the trial process, from theme development and jury research to the development of demonstratives and running the necessary technology in the courtroom. We evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and recommend fresh strategies based on data, experience, and precedent.

Precise: a Trial Consulting Firm with the Expertise You Need

By choosing a trial consulting firm, you:

  • Gain a competitive edge
  • Ensure the best outcome for your client
  • Benefit from unique knowledge and insight

At Precise, we have worked with clients across the country, developing demonstratives and assisting with their smooth execution on jury trials, bench trials, arbitrations, mediations, and a variety of hearings. Our consultants have access to a skilled team of litigation technology experts, certified videographers and illustrations, to make your presentation as seamless and powerful as possible. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to learn more about our trial consulting services.