trial animations

Screenshot from a molecular process animation

Trial animations can be a litigator’s best friend. Animations are able to depict a 3D environment, showing the physical inter-relationship between people, places and evidence. They can show the viewpoint of a particular individual, or recreate an accident from multiple angles. The versatility of trial animations makes them a great asset to your case. They can be easily adapted to the specific needs of your case narrative and presentation style.

Animations are extremely useful in boosting memory retention among jurors and often crucial in helping jurors fully grasp the evidence presented to them. For car accidents, you can show the location of other vehicles and witnesses, so that jurors understand their exact view of the accident. This can either bolster and refute eyewitness testimony. For example, the prosecution’s witness swears she “saw the whole thing,” but an accurate animation of the scene shows her sightline is partially obscured. Meanwhile, your witness can be shown to have a clear view of the entire scene.

While it is generally beneficial to juror comprehension to depict the whole scenario, there are times when less is more. For example, if you want jurors to focus on how a product malfunction led to your client’s injury, you may choose an animation that depicts how the product failed in a simple way. By focusing on the product, jurors won’t be distracted by questions of why your client was using it in that manner, or if he would have be injured if he had behaved differently.

Trial Animations Add Valuable Insight to Your Case

Animations are created based on evidence gathered from police and/or medical reports, accident re-constructionists, and expert and eye witnesses. By comparing all this information, animations can clearly highlight when and where reports are in conflict. This can catch errors in your witnesses’ testimony before they reach the stand, and can also help you disprove the testimony of opposing counsel’s witnesses.

Expert Trial Animations from Precise

Trial animations can be useful in a wide range of criminal and civil cases. They can depict or recreate:

  • Crime scenes
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Worker’s compensation injuries
  • Product liability failures
  • Medical and surgical procedures
  • And much more

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