Managed services Pittsburgh

Electronic data grows exponentially with every passing day, changing the landscape of everything we know as it goes. The original pay-per-GB eDiscovery model is broken, and legal firms are left wondering what the best course of action is. Some firms are choosing to build an internal eDiscovery unit, but they often underestimate the true cost of this endeavor: you are investing in state-of-the-art people, processes, and technology. And to keep abreast of changes requires both expertise and ongoing investment. A far better model is the managed services Pittsburgh based Precise offers.

What is So Great About Managed Services?

There are two main reasons why managed services in Pittsburgh are the wave of the future:

Quality – You want to know that your eDiscovery will be accurate, accessible, and time efficient. By choosing one service, you do not have to worry about integrating multiple partners and processes, or having one cog fall behind and slow down the whole wheel.

Security – It seems like hardly a week goes by without report of another data breach. By choosing a managed services company, you gain access to their secure servers and constant updates to defend against increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

There are other benefits as well:

  • Leverage your firm’s buying power and consolidate all projects under one contract and provider
  • Avoid ever-expanding capital costs necessary to keep-up hardware and software infrastructure
  • Improved workflows and access to documents
  • Access to outside litigation support and computer forensics experts

Precise’s Pittsburgh Managed Services

E-Discovery managed services agreements come in a variety of forms, from simple network infrastructure (data storage, user access and bandwidth) to also offering technical support and project management. With the managed services Pittsburgh based Precise offers, you get the best of both worlds. You get the latest e-discovery tools in a secure, cloud-based environment, eliminating the upfront costs of infrastructure, support, and software licensing. Your in-house team can easily handle large volumes of data with the streamlined work-platforms and easy to use processes. But if your case load is too large, or a project needs the input of a computer forensic expert, you have access to Precise’s team of experts. Whether you need an expert witness or someone skilled in mobile device forensic examinations, our computer forensics team is here to help.

Call Precise, the Experts in eDiscovery Managed Services

Since 2000, Precise has been offering eDiscovery services to legal firms of all sizes. We developed our Pittsburgh managed services to meet our clients’ needs while keeping our commitment to affordable services. Call us today at 866-277-3247 for more information.