On December 15, 2015 a jury in Pittsburgh, PA returned a $32 million verdict in a wrongful death lawsuit, which involved the death of a child. It’s reportedly one of the largest verdicts of its kind in Allegheny County.

Precise Senior Trial Consultant Jacob Richter was hired by the attorneys for the plaintiffs, Rosen Louik & Perry, P.C. to handle the litigation support for the trial. Precise also produced key video depositions used in the courtroom. Jake has worked on several emotionally heavy cases during his tenure as a trial consultant at Precise. “I’ve worked for clients with cases involving asbestos complications and other tragic accidents, and this was also a really devastating situation. Family photos that I’m calling up (as part of the trial presentation)—that can be tough, but I stay focused because there really isn’t any room for error during trial.”

Attorney Jon Perry offered high praise of Richter for his role on the trial team. “We hire Precise for all of our trials and we are always the smoothest, most organized lawyers in the courtroom,” Perry explained. “In the Straw case, the exceptional electronic wizardry was helpful but not nearly as helpful as Jacob Richter. The Straw case involved the death of a precious little six year old boy and the trial was beyond difficult for Mr. & Mrs. Straw. Jake’s workstation placed him behind Mr. & Mrs. Straw for the entire trial. From that seat, Jake became a friend and huge emotional supporter for Mr. & Mrs. Straw and honestly helped them make it through the emotional turmoil of reliving life’s worst nightmare. Jake was more than a hired hand and I will be forever grateful for his compassionate support and friendship.”

You can read more about the trial in The Legal Intelligencer here.