Computer forensics specialist

New research has concluded that 80% of the world’s population is mobile, with digital devices outnumbering people. This means that nearly all litigation can benefit from a thorough e-discovery search. Whether collecting evidence of IP theft, or proving someone’s location with smartphone data, by utilizing the best electronic discovery company in Philadelphia you can be confident you have all the information needed to establish your case.

When a specifically digital crime is committed (such as the theft of digital documents), the thief will make a conscious attempt to cover their tracks by deleting files and erasing documents, thinking they have destroyed the evidence. But while electronically stored information (ESI) can be easily changed and destroyed, it remains in fragments and copies in numerous locations. A digital forensics expert can recover this “ghost data” and use it to reconstruct a trail of evidence that leads back to the culprit.

Since ESI can be easily corrupted, our Philadelphia e-discovery experts make an exact replica of all storage devices, hard drives, etc., so that the investigation can be conducted without altering the original evidence. This forensic copy includes all readily accessible data, as well as:

  • Automatically stored data
  • Deleted files
  • “Ghost” or residual data
  • System data
  • Signs of wiping software use

With the best e-discovery team in Philadelphia on your side, you can be sure that they will uncover all data relevant to your investigation, no matter how hidden it may be. They will collect and analyze data from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Hard drives
  • Web pages
  • E-mail archives
  • Internal networks
  • USB drives and other storage devices
  • Back-up files
  • smartphones

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No matter the size of your case or your firm, Precise offers affordable discovery services that will give you the upper hand in litigation. We can evaluate large volumes of electronic data from a wide array of data types, helping you determine relevancy early on so you can advance your case. Our digital forensics experts weed out unneeded data, delivering only potentially relevant ESI to you.

With our Philadelphia electronic discovery services, you also get an experienced project manager who works directly with your legal team to manage every aspect of the project and ensure the quality and timeliness of your deliverables.

In the words of one of discovery clients, “Precise enabled me not only to provide the answers to the discovery, they gave me the tools necessary to organize it, package it, and file it with ease.”

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