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Whether you are litigating a medical malpractice case or workers’ compensation claim, cases that involve injuries and medical procedures can be difficult to present to a jury. With the popularity of shows like CSI, jurors expect a higher degree of technology in the presentation of exhibits. In addition, nearly 60% of Americans are getting their medical information from the Internet. This means people believe they have more medical knowledge than ever before, and even feel that doctors can’t be trusted in higher rates than ever before.

So how can you be sure that the jury will understand, follow, and retain your presentation? By enlisting the aid of an expert medical illustrator in Philadelphia. Our medical illustrators work closely with medical experts to turn X-rays and CAT scans from confusing images into exhibits that clearly convey information. Our graphics depict the nature and extent of your client’s specific injuries in a visually impactful manner that will increase juror retention of your narrative. An experienced Philadelphia medical illustrator can bring medical jargon to life, turning it into something the jurors can easily comprehend.

Visuals are key in communicating important concepts. They easily convey the seriousness and complexity of your client’s injuries, surgeries, and resulting disabilities and pain. They also bolster juror confidence in their ability to fully comprehend the case and decide based on the evidence, rather than choosing between conflicting expert testimony.

At Precise, we also offer the aid of skilled animators to recreate a surgical procedure or clearly demonstrate the internal damage resulting from an accident. Animations are an excellent way to show jurors what is hidden to the naked eye.

For a compelling exhibit that displays the resulting impact of an injury on your client, our specially trained videographers can put together powerful day-in-the-life videos. Allow jurors to see your client’s day to day struggles so that they can fully understand the damages being sought in your case.

Choose an Experienced Philadelphia Medical Illustrator to Aid Your Litigation

For over 15 years, Precise has been providing support for every phase of litigation. All litigation can benefit from the powerful visual aids we offer, and that technology should not be cost prohibitive. We pride ourselves on producing the best and most affordable medical exhibits in Philadelphia. In the words of one client, “Exhibits developed by Precise have added value to every case I have ever tried.”

If you are looking for an expert medical illustrator, contact Precise today.