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A generation ago, the idea of Philadelphia computer forensics seemed like something out of science fiction. Computers were a relatively new invention that often took up entire rooms and required a team of people to operate. In the last 30 years, we have seen an incredible shift in everyday technology. In the 90s, most business professionals carried a pager, a briefcase stuffed with papers, and possibly a cell phone (that was roughly the same size, shape, and weight of a brick). Now we carry smartphones and laptops that weigh less than a bag of flour, with nary a piece of paper in sight. We can store more information on a tablet than we ever could cram into a briefcase.

As technology evolves, so too must legal services. Paper discovery is almost non-existent in many cases, with eDiscovery and digital forensics becoming the main focus of investigators and litigators. With the mountains of data that even small devices can contain, it takes an experienced Philadelphia computer forensics investigator to sort through and find the information pertinent to your case.

What Sort of Devices Can Undergo a Philadelphia Computer Forensics Examination?

Hard drives and personal storage devices – Internal and external hard drives, networked systems, and USB flash drives can hold astonishing amounts of data. Our Philadelphia forensic investigators can recover information from all types of devices and operating systems, including information that may appear to be missing. We extract, process, review, and protect the data, observing all state and federal laws to avoid spoliation of the evidence.

Cell phones, tablets, and PDAs – With 77% of Americans owning smartphones, mobile devices will inevitably find their way into your litigation, whether civil or criminal, at some point. From cell phones that track your location and store GPS information to third-party apps on tablets, these devices are a gold mine of evidence, including:

  • Call logs
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Calendar entries
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • App info
  • Web browsing history
  • Wireless network settings

Precise: Offering a Full Range of Philadelphia Digital Forensic Services

At Precise, our Philadelphia forensic investigators are experts are recovering pertinent data for your case. From eDiscovery managed services to in-depth analysis of devices, you can trust Precise to get the job done. We will secure, analyze, recover and investigate electronic data from any device. Our forensic services include:

  • Digital forensic imaging – As part of the computer forensics process, we will create a forensic (or “mirror”) copy of the data. This allows us to analyze and recover data while still preserving the original device, thereby lessening the risk of spoliation and preserving a clear chain of custody.
  • Data recovery services – Data is easy to delete, but hard to permanently destroy. We can recover data that you thought was gone forever, from deleted files on a hard drive, to deleted text messages on a cell phone.
  • Expert witness testimony – Our digital forensics investigators can even assist you in the courtroom. They are recognized experts in both federal and state jurisdictions and can provide testimony, expert reports, author affidavits, declarations, and oral reports.

If your case needs the expert touch of Precise’s Philadelphia computer forensics investigators, call us today at 866-277-3247.