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“Why do I need a computer forensic expert? Why can’t I just have my IT expert take a look?”

This is a question that we hear over and over again. On the surface it makes sense: after all, both IT professionals and computer forensic experts deal with computers. Why should you go through the hassle of calling an expert? Precisely because they are an expert.

If you broke your leg in three places, would you trust your family doctor to set it, or would you call an orthopedic surgeon? Your family doctor may be great at treating your high blood pressure and seasonal allergies, but that doesn’t mean he’s qualified to deal with a catastrophic break.

It is the same with computers: your IT professional may be great at setting up complex servers and repairing broken monitors, but that doesn’t mean they have the knowledge and skill required for a computer forensic information. And letting them “give it a try” before throwing in the towel and calling an expert can prove disastrous: You only have one chance to collect the evidence necessary for a case. Simply turning on the computer or viewing folders can destroy evidence. Every time a drive or file is accessed, data is being deleted and/or overwritten.

It is also important that proper procedures are followed when gathering and preserving data. Even experienced IT professionals are not likely to be familiar with court rules regarding spoliation, and they could accidentally destroy evidence or render it inadmissible in court. Furthermore, whoever gathers the data can be called upon to testify in court as to the authenticity of the data and how it was collected. Do you feel comfortable putting your IT professional on the stand instead of an experienced computer forensic expert? And how would it look to the court if your professional is testifying?

Third-party computer forensic experts are considered to be neutral and unbiased. They have the hardware and software necessary to properly gather and preserve evidence, and they know where to search for easily-overlooked information that could have bearing on your case. (For example, operating systems often record the same information in several places at once. If the data is overwritten in one area, it may still exist somewhere else.) Computer forensic experts are also familiar with proper protocols and how to preserve and demonstrate chain of custody. Computer forensic experts can also testify in court, where their testimony is likely to carry more weight than that of the Geek Squad.

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