What is a mock jury

Photo: Indiana Humanities, Flickr Creative Commons

What is a mock jury and why do lawyers use them? A mock jury is a way for lawyers to evaluate potential juror reactions to evidence and arguments before a case goes to trial. It generally consists of 8-12 people who volunteer to act as “jurors” and hear a summary presentation of both sides. Once the case is presented, the “jurors” then discuss the evidence and arguments before delivering a verdict. Lawyers get to discreetly observe the group discussions (either through a one-way mirror or through remote video transmission) and then question the individuals about their decision.

A mock jury is considered a rough predictor of the likely outcome of a case, should it go to trial. However, most attorneys use mock juries to gain insight into the decision making process of jurors and identify the strengths and weaknesses of their case. This helps attorneys hone the most effective presentation of the case.

Unfortunately, mock juries take time (a few hours for a simple case, up to a few days for complex cases) and money (anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000). This makes them impractical for most cases. Additionally, your juror sampling may not be an accurate representation of a potential juror pool, skewing or invalidating your results.

Is There a More Efficient and Cost-Effective Way to Gather Data?

At Precise, our goal is to level the playing field by offering game-changing services that are cost-effective no matter the size of your firm or litigation. That is why we created Predict, our jury research tool that applies the science of statistics to litigation in order to predict results. Predict uses psychological and demographic analysis to show you how a prospective juror might respond to specific elements of your case. These can include broad subjects – such as case valuation – and specifies – such as whether or not to include the testimony of a certain witness.

What is the Predict Process?

First an attorney develops a narrative about their case, covering several topics or one main point. Next, this narrative gets sent to a group of readers who represent different demographics and personality profiles. As they read, they highlight what they feel are the key facts and issues, allowing the attorney to evaluate the effectiveness of their narrative.

Once the feedback has been returned and compiled, we work with you to create a survey (generally 10-30 questions) which gets distributed to the readers. When the surveys come back, we begin statistical modeling and analysis. We pinpoint consistencies and variations in responses between groups, then compile everything into a report. We go over the report with the client, explaining the findings and pointing out universal applications.

Predict: The Benefits of a Mock Jury Without the Cost

If you have avoided mock jury services because their cost outweighed their benefits, it’s time to look at Predict. Call us today at 866-277-3247 to learn more about this groundbreaking service.